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Optional Extensions

There are various policy extensions available to reduce stresses about risks that could occur in and to a pharmacy.

‘All risks’

This provides cover for physical loss or damage cover for equipment (e.g. computer equipment) used outside the premises anywhere in EU.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance covers the cost of compensation to a customer if a claim is made against one of your business directors or other staff as a result of your company’s activities.

Terrorism insurance

This extension is recommended as an additional insured event similar to a fire or storm.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance provides pays for the following costs:

  • legal fees and tribunal awards in respect of employment disputes
  • legal fees in respect of property disputes/data protection investigations
  • professional fees associated with HMC&E investigations
  • costs of defending criminal prosecution
  • unrecoverable wages as a result of jury service

Goods in Transit insurance

Goods in Transit insurance pays for goods that are lost, stolen or damaged while they are being moved in your vehicle or by a carrier up to an agreed value.