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Business Interruption – What Is Your Risk?

A manufacturer had a fire at their premises and lost everything. When they took out their insurance they had decided that they could recover from any major event within twelve months and therefore had taken out insurance to cover them for loss of income over that period. Unfortunately, although the repairs and replacement machinery were covered...

Theft and Malicious Damage

A recent survey of the top 500 small and medium sized companies has revealed that Theft and Malicious Damage remains in the top five threats to their business. Cyber might be the number one threat to SME’s, but old-fashioned theft is still a major concern. This isn’t surprising because having a key piece of equipment stolen...

The Overlooked Gap in Cover - Terrorism Insurance

2017 has seen an increase in the terrorism threat in the UK and the type of attacks has changed from primarily property damage to increasing violent attacks focussing on fear, chaos and loss of life, sometimes with no or minimal property damage, but with business left with no cover, due to damage proviso in terrorism insurance policies...

Perils Of Underinsurance

Too many businesses are risking their survival and making it difficult to bounce back successfully from a major claim. A significant problem is underinsurance and brokers and their clients need to work together to ensure that when a loss occurs the insurance policy will respond effectively and get the business back on its feet as quickly as possible...

Protecting Your Pharmacy from Theft by Employees – Fidelity Insurance

Although theft of inventory and fraud occurs across all industries, it can be particularly serious when it comes to pharmacies because drugs can be dangerous when used improperly or abused. Nearly a third of all shoplifting is committed by employees, either through them concealing the stock and removing it from the premises themselves, or allowing an acquaintance to steal for joint gain. Regardless of how the theft occurs, the resulting loss not only has implications for the business due to loss of stock, but also for its customers (for example when fewer pills are dispensed than is required on the prescription)…

Late Night Pharmacy – Are your staff protected from the risks?

Lately, as the public have found themselves with less free time in the day, the need for late night pharmacies has increased, and the demand is gradually being met. More pharmacies are staying open until 10/11pm in order to allow people working full time to collect prescriptions after work or at a time convenient to them...

Commercial Crime Protection

Crime is an increasing threat to all organisations.  The recent PWC global economic crime survey identified the following trend...

Cyber Liability and Data Breaches – How you can avoid £million costs

Through the use of social media, cloud computing, email and databases, information can be transferred with a click of a button, and viewed by any number of people around the world in a matter of minutes. This is undoubtedly a quick and relatively cheap method of communicating with customers and marketing your company, until it goes wrong...

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