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See how the unrivalled cover of ChemistShield compares with two leading providers

Category ChemistShield Market Leading Company A Market Leading Company B
Buildings, contents and stock policy excess £250 £200 £250
Theft cover Includes shoplifting No cover for shoplifting No cover for shoplifting
Goods in Transit £3,000 £750 £2,500
Damage to stock contained within refrigerator Standard £2,000 Specified Specified
Unoccupied properties Weekly inspections Daily internal inspections No cover for burst pipes, malicious damage and glass breakage
Business Interruption – reduction in total income up to 24 months £1,000,000 automatically Limited to 3 x business contents and stock sum insured Specified sum insured
Outstanding debts if your accounts are destroyed Up to £5,000 £1,000 standard £1,000 standard
Loss of rent receivable/payable £100,000 or 15% of building sum insured Specified Specified
Loss of revenue due to damage to premises of doctors’ surgery, nursing home within two mile radius Yes Yes limited to 2 mile radius Not covered
Employers’ Liability £10,000,000 £10,000,000 £10,000,000
Work away from premises Yes Not covered Yes
Limit for money in transit and during business hours £7,500 £4,000 £4,000
Prescriptions classified as money Yes Yes No
Property Owners’ Liability £2,000,000 any one claim £500,000 any one claim £2,000,000 any one claim
Public Liability including work away from premises £2,000,000 any one claim Not covered £2,000,000 any one claim
Product Liability for pharmaceutical products £2,000,000 any one occurrence Not covered £2,000,000 any one claim